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Lord Po Silvertop the Rogue

TIME PERIOD: Early 1600s Elizabethan England

PERSONA BIO: Paul “Po Silvertop the Rogue” Tarlton: the illegitimate son of Richard Tarlton.Elizabethan actor, jester, troubadour and London Master of Defence, Richard Tarlton takes his place in theatrical history as creator of the stage fool; his performance in this role is thought to have influenced Shakespeare’s creation of the character Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Tartlton himself is said to have been the model for the court jester Yorick, described in Hamlet. Richard’s popularity and genius were undisputed—not only was he a well-known actor but also Queen Elizabeth I’s favorite jester, the only one able to “undumpish” her when she was out of humour and the only one allowed to tell her of her faults. In 1583, Richard Tarlton became a leading comic actor of the Queen’s Men and groom of her Majesty’s chamber. His plays, which were praised by contemporaries, are all lost, but several volumes of Elizabethan humor are still extant and attributed to him. Richard Tarlton appears on the lists of the London Masters of Defence, meaning he was a fully accredited master and teacher of several styles of rapier combat.
Po (the result of a tryst between Tarlton and a London barmaid) studied both swordplay and theatre first under his father Richard, and then later under additional members of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Additional interests (writing, singing and wenching) were later added to his repertoire during several lengthy tours through Europe as a member of various small traveling thespian companies.

SCADIAN LIFE: Unofficially since ‘99, card-carrying member since ‘04.

ACTIVITIES/INTERESTS: Theatre, fencing, books, brewing…(to name a few…) Baronial Rapier Champion AS 39 (Sept 04–Nov 05), Marshal for the Æthelmearc Pennsic Rapier Novice Tourney

SCA AWARDS/HONORS: Companion of the Golden Alce, AS 40 (Nov 05)
Companion of the Thunderbolt, AS 39 (June 04)
Award of Arms, AS 40 (July 05)
Keystong, AS 44 (Nov. 2009)

OFFICES: Baronial Fencing Marshal, Deputy Baronial Fencing Marshal, Deputy Chronicler, Captain of Rapiers

MUNDANE BIO: A transplanted New Yorker and first generation bookstore-brat, Scott Werbin started private acting courses (and sabre fencing) as a young boy, and went on to earn dual Bachelor of Arts Degrees in both performance and technical theatre at Wilkes College (where he studied under noted Broadway Scenic Designer Klaus Holm). After graduating from Wilkes University, Scott continues his technical theatre studies at a graduate level at both Villanova University and then in Yale University’s Graduate Theatre program. Returning to NEPA, Scott has spent time on the board of directors (as facility Technical Director) for three different regional theatres, and under the name of “Technical Thaumaturgy” has been offering his services as a freelance scenic and lighting designer, as well as stage combat choreographer. His scenic design for “Dear Esther: A Holocaust Play” was used on tour with the Pennsylvania Repertory Theatre for several years. In addition to designing anywhere from 3 to 5 shows a year, he still auditions and is seen onstage on a regular basis. Scott is also currently coordinator and spokesman for the Steel Rose Players, a medieval/renaissance reenactment group that performs at local faires’ During daylight hours he manages a bookshop and writes literary reviews. He and his 3rd generation theatre-brat wife Jessica are currently raising the 4th generation of theatre-brats, Eric and Michael.

NATAL DAY: Oct.3 (Sigh, now I have to kill you...)

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Fortes Gortuna Juvat" (Fortune Favors the Brave)

PERSONA'S MOTTO: Ex Adversum adhevo continuo Schtick

CONTACT INFO: renfen at epix dot net

POSTING PERMISSION: Email January 12, 2006

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